220v devices working on US Z-wave frequency

I am new and I{ve been reading alot for the last few days. I use Echo and hue bridge and bulbs and just bought the ST hub (waiting for delivery) and some Aeon switches. I currently live in the US but coming back to Israel in a few months, and decided to buy all the devices I would need there here.
It s more challenging as I need to make sure that the devices are 220-230v and not many are. I am aware that the Z-wave frequency in Israel is 916 instead of US 908.41, but anyway I decided to use the US frequency because there is almost no devices available yet for the israeli frequency.

Now, I have many questions, I’d like to hear your feedback:

  1. Do you know a siren device that would work on 220v? I know that many AEON devices do even if it is written only US. The Smart Switch is an example, as it is the AEON Labs micro dimmer and the enerware dual relay switch module.
    what I haven’t find is a z wave or zigbee siren that works with 220v. Maybe the Aeon Labs siren?

  2. Now that BLINK cameras can be used with ST, can I use them as motion sensors as well or do I need in the same room as the ca,era a motion sensor?

  3. The house I’ll be installing all the equipment has one area with a KNX smart home system (ABB). is there an adapter that can convert or translate from KNX to Z-wave?


I think for #1. The easier way is to get a voltage converter 220 to 110v. Amazon US has some for decent price but not sure about at your country. With this converter. You will have a few more options with siren.
Or you can get a battery operate siren from GoControl. No voltage to worry about.

Thanks. I think that the gocontrol siren has batteries for back up only, and that it is 110. can someone confirm?

Sorry about that. I didn’t read the detail for the siren and it’s indeed 110v. I have the very same one with this kit and it’s battery operated.


Hello Esteban,
I am doing an installation in Israel later this year.
Where do you suggest that I buy some devices?
Do you run into any problems if you use the U.S. standard frequency?
Thanks in advance.

I bought everything in the US, as I use the zwave us frequencies, not
Israeli. If you want to buy israeli frequency devices the best and maybe
only retail place is Bezeq store

More than a year this topic was discussed. Hope to hear some news / learn.
After building a nice solution here in the US, looking to duplicate it for my daughter in Israel.
As per my understanding, the US Hub should work in Israel, same for the rest of the sensors (battery operated), but my major question is regarding the light switches, which is a major part in my plan home automation for Israel.
Were you able to find any smart 220 V switch that will fir to the US Hub ? and can be used for light switch / water heater ?
Any special installation requirements ?

The Aeon switches will work with 220 v. The only one you can’t use is the dimmer.

Thank you! any link for a recommended light switch ?

It’s not just the voltage that matters. It’s also the frequency (50 hz rather than 60 hz) and the physical size and shape of the switch.

For all these reasons, if it was me, I would be looking at a UK version of the SmartThings hub if you really want to use SmartThings, and then use European devices. They will match the Israeli wiring much better.

(Although if it was me, I would probably just go with one of the Israeli smart home companies rather than using SmartThings at all. There are a number of them, very interesting technology, and quite a few choices.)

But I understand if you want your daughter to have a system very similar to your own. If she is using a UK hub and you are using a US frequency hub you will see very few differences in the app and automation logic. The end devices like the light switches will have to be different, there’s no way around that. The electrical systems are very different in the two countries.

Thank you for your recommendations.
I will look at the existing available solutions in Israel, but I don’t believe it has the same big community / support /development as the Smarttings has. So in parallel I will look at the UK/EU version and components.

Thank you All for your suggestions.

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I personally found that there may be issues related to the z wave frequency being used. Some of those bands are being used for non zwave communication protocols. (military/non military). It depends where you are.

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