[2021] Battery Power Switches and Buttons [NEEDS UPDATING]

Switchbot Robot Button Pusher. US and UK. $29 per button pusher. CR2 battery. Does not require custom code, but does require a $39 mini hub for Smartthings cloud to cloud Integration. This is essentially a robot finger to push an existing button.

Because I am quadriparetic, I use these in my own home, including on a one button blender. This is a good option for making an existing device that has a button remote or buttons on the device itself Smart, such as a coffeemaker where you have to push a button to get it started. And you won’t void the existing warranty or need to do any wiring. However, it can get expensive if there are multiple buttons because you will need one switchbot per button.



I wrote a detailed review of these in 2020, so ask any additional questions there.

2020 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or new V3 app