[2021] Battery Power Switches and Buttons [NEEDS UPDATING]

2021 Warning

At the time the following was written, it was true. Since then, however, there has been an update to the zigbee stack resulting in an incompatibility, with many forum members reporting that the device is now run through batteries Super quick, sometimes in just a day or two. This has also been reported on some other forums for other hubs. They do appear to still work OK with their own gateway.

There are various theories as to why this might be and what might be done about it, but for now it’s been going on for a couple of months with no fix in sight other than smartthings engineering saying they are looking into it, but it is an IKEA issue.

Since not everyone has the problem, if you want to buy these and try them and see if they work for you, you can, but make sure you can return them easily if you have the battery issue.

The thread following that issue is here:

Ikea 5 button remote killing batteries


IKEA has several handheld Zigbee battery devices which can connect directly to smartthings. The product description will say they need their own gateway, but they don’t: you can use the smartthings hub instead.

There is an official integration through the app, but it uses some of the legacy features of the old platform so it will provide different options if you are creating an automation with the + in the upper right of the main screen or if you are creating an automation through Webcore or through the official smart lighting feature (which you get to by selecting the three horizontal line menu in the upper left of the main screen and then choosing “smartapps”).

What’s the difference? Basically you will get more choices with the legacy features. For example, the “dimmer“ which is a handheld rocker switch on the new platform just looks like one switch with an on and off. The exact same DTH using smartlights will let you assign different functions to the top rocker and the bottom rocker.

I realize that’s going to be confusing to people who never used the classic version of the app, so let’s just leave it at saying you don’t need custom code to use these devices, but they may have different features in automations created through the + and automations created in other ways.

Some of the original devices have been discontinued. As of this writing, the most popular ones that are available are:

The five button “remote control.“ $15.99 in the US when bought directly from IKEA. IP44. Uses one CR2032 battery.

image image

The square “dimmer“. If you use the + automations, this will just look like an on/off switch, it won’t have a long press dimming function. $6.99 in the US won bought directly from IKEA. IP44. Uses one CR2032 battery.

image image

Both of these devices are available in many countries. :sunglasses:

So long story short, these are reliable and inexpensive Zigbee buttons, available in many countries, that don’t require custom code but they may have fewer features than you expect from the product description.

For more discussion, see the following thread:

[2021] Ikea Battery Powered Devices Roundup

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