2019: Your favorite new Home Automation device/feature/automation installed this year? (No pre-release stuff, just what you’re actually using)

Well… I just checked out DakBoard and I have to say that this looks like the killer dashboard app to end all killer dashboard apps now that they have ST integration support. Tagging @tgauchat to get his take on this. Have you guys at AT done a competitive assessment of this product? I am inspired to add external graphics but there is no way I can add all the other integrations they have. Wonder if anyone has a fully function ST dashboard integration up and running yet… and if so would love to hear your thoughts on how well it works.

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No competition.

DAKboard is an entirely different market with very minimal SmartThings integration.

  • It is view only: No interactive touch response / control.
  • It has a rather expensive per screen / per dashboard subscription fee - certainly compared ActionTiles’s low cost.
  • It is really targeted to business usage. Their home/family customers are just a small niche and not their main target market. Commercial customers are much more lucrative if properly targeted with their extensive investment.
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Thanks Terry - good insights as I knew you would have. Their web page did give me some good ideas of things to add to HP to keep things exciting.


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