2019 Update: UK Battery operated dimmer switches?

I’ve noticed that some of the standard battery operated wallmount dimmer switches that people used to use like Popp and Devolo no longer seem to be available for sale.

So I’m starting this thread for recommendations for battery operated dimmer switches for the UK to work with SmartThings which are currently available for sale.

Battery operated switches solve three different problems at once:

One) they give you a switch that can be used with smart bulbs without having to worry about cutting the current to the bulbs

Two) you don’t have to worry about whether or not there is a neutral wire at the switchbox since these devices are not wired into the Mains anyway

Three) you can locate the switch anywhere, including at wheelchair height or child height if desired

They don’t work for everyone, but there are specific use cases where they are helpful. Please do not use this thread to discuss Mains powered switches. I just want it to be a quick and easy resource for finding this specific device class for the UK. :sunglasses:

( also, before posting, please confirm that the device you are about to post works as a dimmer, not just on/off.)

Adding to this thread

I’d suggest using one post per device as that will make it easier to follow. Also, if available include a link to a discussion thread about that device so again this particular thread stays fairly easy to read. One post, one device.

Other Options

You can also check the “buttons and remotes” FAQ which lists lots of different devices, both mains powered and battery powered. It’s just that it’s a lot to slog through when you’re just looking for a battery operated UK dimmer switch.

FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings

If you’re willing to choose a wall device which gives you a choice of “scenes“ rather than a true up/down dimmer, you will find quite a few possibilities in the buttons FAQ. :sunglasses:

First, from the “friends of hue” program…

These are battery free switches which operate on the kinetic energy from when you push the switch. So they don’t need batteries but they also are not wired to the Mains.

These are available in the EU from several different manufacturers including Busch, Niko, and Vimar. These tend to look great, but be expensive, usually around £55 Per switch. But many of those can control two separate groups of lights, so for some people that’s the equivalent of buying two switches.

image image image

designed to be used with a hue bridge for devices controlled by that bridge

They will work perfectly with any smart bulbs which are operated via a Hue bridge. SmartThings won’t know that the switch exists, but it typically won’t matter, because it will pick up the status of the bulb itself in less than a minute.

Using directly with SmartThings

In some cases you may also be able to add the switch itself to smart things as a zigbee device, but it is going to depend on the zigbee channel that your hub is on. So this may work or may not.

There are many choices of style and colour for these, and they are made to the same dimensions as a standard UK light switch. So they will work well for some people.

Discussion thread

Discussion thread for further comments or questions on these devices: