2018 ST Motion Sensors - Any reviews yet? Comparisons to previous generations?


Hoping you can help. First post, please be gentle…

I’ve just picked up the SmartThings Starter Pack and was looking to purchase a few more motion sensors.

I’ve seen online the Samsung GP-U999SJVLBEA SmartThings Motion Sensor, which looks to be the new version. Can anyone confirm if there are any differences in capability over the previous generation (F-IRM-UK-V2?)?? Samsung’s site doesn’t seem to be overly detailed…

Many Thanks & apologies in advance for all of the questions likely inbound to this forum :grin:

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Right section, you’re good there, although “capability” has a very specific meaning on the SmartThings platform, so I’ve changed The topic title so you’ll hopefully get more responsive replies. (BTW, bonus points for including the model numbers of the devices you’re asking about. :+1: )

That’s a very new device, and there isn’t much out on it yet. You can see some discussion in the following thread, including a link to a video review where one person said it seems to be more responsive than the previous generation. But otherwise I haven’t seen much. ( this is a clickable link)

Thanks JDRoberts, very much appreciated, I may order one tomorrow to take a look.

I’ve seen a few threads in regards to pets setting the motion sensors off and was hoping the new model may be better at handling that type of environment.

Out of interest, what does ‘Capability’ mean in the smartthings world??

I’ve never been happy with the ST motion or contact sensors. I have two generations that I use day to day. The older of the two are better. The newer of the two I only use when I don’t need instant detection.

That said, I bought a new one the other day. I hope they are better, but I haven’t had time to evaluate.

“Capability” Is a field in the device type handler which specifies device class features available in the device. It is limited to the specific values which are pre-defined.

If you aren’t yet familiar with custom code in the SmartThings platform, the following FAQ should help (this is a clickable link)

You can read about capabilities in the developer docs. But just as an example, “switch” is a capability which means the device can receive a network command to turn on or off. But it could in fact be a water valve or a light switch or a siren or even a presence sensor. If you can turn it on and off from the network, then it will have the capability “switch.“

So it obviously stems from the every day use of the word, but it has a much more restricted meaning.


I bought one of the new sensors and like others I didn’t have luck with either the first or second generation. However, I really like this sensor. The mount design is a bit like Arlo with a ball mount and magnet. This allows for perfect aiming to keep it away from pets. It’s very quick to respond and trigger the lights. It’s been up about one month and battery still reads 100%. It hasn’t faltered once and it’s in a high traffic area, basement steps. I give it two thumbs up and hope it remains stable given all the change in the platform. My wish list would up have a lux sensor built-in but maybe for the fourth gen.


SmartThings Motion Sensor M/N IM6001-MTP02 is actually the fifth generation already. :wink:

They’ve been made by different vendors, though. The official supportbase article has pictures of all of them:

I’ve not had the new one for very long, but it does work much better than the last version(s)s.

Wow, the original “SmartSense Motion Sensor” looks to be the best one. I wonder why they changed them. It uses common AA batteries and has an usb power option.

With each revision, they go to a more expensive battery. Not good if you end up with a lot of these devices.

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I use the ecolink PIR motion sensor and find it far more reliable then the Samsung ones.

Thanks Guys :+1: