2018 new SmartThings branded devices discussion

Discuss the new 2018 SmartThings branded devices here. Outlet, button, motion sensor, multi sensor, and water sensor


The new water sensor has a nifty design with contacts on the top AND bottom. The top is bowl shaped to collect water towards the top contacts in case the design is directly dripped on


All the new devices are ZigBee 3.0 certified


This is the first SmartThings branded button. $15 seems like a fair price.


what’s the difference between the v3 hub and v2 hub ?

Should we upgrade ??

let’s keep hub discussion here


i’m guessing the SmartThings app will need to be updated to support the QR code pairing feature of the new devices

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Yeah, I want to know more about this button. Can it do different actions using multiple clicks? How big is it? Their webpage is light on details, but $15 is pretty cheap.


I ordered one, we’ll see!

Where did you order it?

It’s small.

Product Dimensions (W x H x D)
1.61" x .58" x 1.61"

Samsung’s site, but looks like it’s either sold out or pulled from sale now.

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Interestingly, it looks like all of these end devices are manufactured by Samjin Co, a Korean OEM company that makes a lot of remote controls and some smart home automation devices. Samsung Electronics is one of their biggest customers, but not the only one.

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According to the FCC, Samjin makes the new V3 hub. But not the new WiFi mesh system.


QR codes are already used for pairing with ADT devices

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So do the new devices have any new (or removed) features? I noticed the motion sensor has a magnetic ball mount now, similar to Arlo. Wondering if the multi-purpose has any new features or improved performance; mine have been dropping offline.

The new devices are showing up on amazon now too…

I picked up one of the buttons from Best Buy the other day and got it paired last night.

With the default handler, you have the option of a single press, double press, or press and hold.

Also, a feature that I don’t think was advertised about the button is that it is also a temperature sensor.

Just passing along the info in case someone else was interested in these buttons.


I got the Button a couple days ago (they had to hunt through stockroom to find it at local Best Buy - wasn’t out on shelves yet).

I have it working with Classic App. One mild annoyance is that in Classic it doesn’t show ‘released’, just the last status. So if ‘pressed’ the icon stays on ‘pressed’, if ‘held’ it stays on held until you, say, ‘press’ it. Functionally, though, it works just fine in Classic - paired instantly - have tried it w/ several devices through Smart Lighting. And, it’s local!


Yeah - nearly bought a couple the other day - I already have so many leak sensors though! It’s very attractive.

Oh - and it is magnetic - which is a really nice plus. Though I’m amused by the enclosed booklet’s referring to where you can put it as a ‘magnetic mating surface’.