2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades

I’m curious about grouping in Google Home as well. You’re right that Google does a good job of grouping shades but how would I achieve more advanced automation based on shades grouped in Google Home?

For example, lets say I want the shades to go down when I turn on my DirecTV activity from my Logitech Harmony remote. This would be very easy to program in Smartthings but I do not know of any way to trigger the grouped shades via Google Home other than voice command.

If you share the individual shades from ST to Harmony, you can create groups within the MyHarmony app and use with the harmony activities. You essentially create groups in both the Home and Harmony app …

Ah okay, that’s a great workaround. Although, I’d prefer ST to be the brains behind the operation I will check this out and see if I can get it working.

Here’s another scenario: Samsung Clock app has a new feature that allows you to wake up to ST devices:

It would be cool to wake up to the shades opening up. I know this can be easily configured via Google Home time based routine but that means I need to adjust the routine every time there’s a change in my sleep schedule. It would be easier to update my alarm and the shade open automation would adjust accordingly. Any way that I can achieve grouping in this scenario? Maybe create a Harmony activity with the sole purpose of opening shades and then bring the activity into Smartthings?

In that case (as is with any other routine in ST), I think it’s best to just select the shades you want to control individually - no groups. You don’t want to rely on cloud-to-cloud integrations unless you have to. The less cross-talk between services, the better. You only have to set up the routine once, it’s not like you have to touch a button for each shade selected after you set it up.

Also, with ST’s move away from the IDE and the SmartApps designed in it, I’m trying my best to use native functionality (which is why I moved to the std DTH for these shades) … I think it’ll give me less headaches in the future. maybe ST will add a "Shade Group option, similar to the Lighting and Camera groups.

This is exactly why I haven’t tried to update Shady - IF I did, it would only be temporary until Groovy goes away and I haven’t found any reason for the grouping except ease of use inside the mobile app - which I honestly try to use as little as possible. The rest of the uses are scenes and voice routines in Alexa where it’s easy enough to setup all the appropriate shades individually in the routine / scene…

Yeah it’s not the end of the world if I have to add shades individually in scenes and automations. I just thought synchronization would be a really nice touch. Hopefully, there will be an officially supported solution available.

So for automations I do by individual shades. It’s only for anything set through Google Home that I use it for grouping.