2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades

Here are the messages from zebrablinds chat:
“Unfortunately unless the blinds were purchased through us then we wouldn’t be able to sell parts for it”

“I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer for alternate solutions”

“Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with Bali products so I’m not sure of their compatibility, apologies for any inconvenience”

Is there a direct link to the rechargeable battery?

Hmmm, that’s weird. Just reach out again and if needed link this thread.

Just checking in again. Would like to order a few more blinds

Just updated coupons.

Hi @ZebraBlinds
The SmartThings-V code worked last night, but went back this morning to finish my transaction and it no longer works.

That’s unusual. Let me check and I’ll update soon.

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The code was stacking on top of the sitewide savings. As much as I would have liked 75% off, I knew it was an error and didnt order last night. I am hoping that they fix the 36% off coupon soon though.

New permanent coupons will be updated tomorrow.

New coupon: SmartThings-A

Should work properly and not get disabled this time.

Will this code not work on the rechargeable battery packs by themselves? Any other useable code for this? Thanks.

It won’t work on the battery packs by themselves, but, depending on how many you need. Just create an account, add to cart and send me the email address and I can take a look on what’s possible.

I have about 40 bali/graver zwave shades in my house. I’m having issues with a few of my shades, the buttons no longer work (the newer style buttons that are smaller, not the older style). The button seems to have seperated from the board, if I take the plastic cover off and hold the button down to the circuit board and press it it works though.
I also have another blind that disconnected and now I can’t get it to re-pair with the hub no matter what I try. The blind and motor work fine but I think I just want to replace this board as well so I can pair it to the hub.
Is there anyway to buy replacement boards?