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Thanks! I actually recently got a call from Spring Window Fashions. They offered to replace all my motors (!). It seems extreme, but maybe they just have me ship back the old motors and they upgrade the firmware themselves and resell them? It’s pretty strange, because it’s not totally random, each shades seem to fail at their own rate, not uniformly. E.g. one shade seems to always have issues, another rarely, some not at all. I noticed one especially problematic one has a circuitous route through a few devices back to the hub. Not sure it’s related.

Anyways, I guess I should go the replacement route as it’s “officially supported”? Or do you think a firmware update would be easy to try and pretty fail-safe? I don’t look forward to swapping the motor out of a couple dozen shades…

If you did not buy your shades from Zebra then I STRONGLY suggest go the supported route offered by your vendor otherwise if you have an issue with them in the future, they can absolutely say… Well, we offered and you didnt accept so now this is on your dime.

Ive done both firmware updates and motor replacements on some of my blinds for various reasons. Neither is particularly hard. The most difficult piece for me was the ladder climb as 3 of my units are ~16 ft. in the air.

If replacement motors have been issued I would go that route. Just make sure you document every thing related to it. Secondly check with them if you doing the replacements will void the warranty in any way.

I have the same issue with partial opening/closing with my ZWave rollers from Bali. I too was unaware of Zebra blinds (unfortunately), or I’d have gone that route. I spent days debugging this problem, wrote my own device handlers for all the involved devices, and ended up seeing two close commands (or two open) often (not always), which will cause the blind to stop shortly after it starts moving. No amount of code changes was able to fix that, including safety delays, etc. Glad to find out it is a firmware bug. It was driving me insane. Of course, that means I cant fix it without help, and the people at Bali are clueless. Is there are any other way for me to get the firmware fix?

Here is my version string: zw:F type:1107 mfr:026E prod:5253 model:5A31 ver:11.02 zwv:4.33 lib:03 cc:5E,26,85,59,72,86,5A,73,25,7A,80