2015 Motion sensor new set up

Hi all,

Really late to the party. I’m setting up a 2015 motion sensor with the 2015 hub (BNIB). I’m stuck at the pairing stage. I can see on the sensor LED it turns green, but the app doesn’t seem to register the sensor.


Hi. Welcome to the party.
How far away from the hub is the sensor?
The pairing process usually works best if the device is close to the hub.

I’ve tried as close as 2 ft, literally standing with the sensor right beside the hub.

Same scenario with the 2015 multipurpose sensor.

My steps (regardless of distance):

  1. Take out battery from sensor.
  2. Hold down connect button while inserting battery.
  3. LED turns solid blue for 1s then flashes blue, right when this happens I release connect button.
  4. Observe that the LED continues to flash blue (which I understand is searching for pairing).
  5. In SmartThings app, navigate to the room, and add new device.
  6. Select either the motion sensor or the multipurpose sensor.
  7. Select the older 2015 model.
  8. App will indicate with spinning wheel at 60% that it’s searching.
  9. I observe that the LED on the sensor turns green once and then turns off.
  10. App spinning wheel stays at 60%.