2007 Chevy Tahoe, using LFM-20 to remote start with Alexa

Hey all:

First post here.

I’ll make this quick. I want to remote smart my Tahoe with Smartthings/Alexa. I have my LFM-20 (Z-wave relay) ready to go and connected to Smartthings. However, to remote start on a 2007 Tahoe, you need to press the lock button and then immediately hold down the remote start button.

So, in my mind, I need two LFM-20 relays: one to press lock, using it as a virtual relay, and the next one to press remote start, using it as a virtual momentary switch.

Any way to program this in smartthings with one happening right after the other? Pretty sure I can do it through an Alexa routine, but wanted to see what the community thought or if anyone has gotten something like this working?


I understand the excitement of this kind of stuff, but I think it’s a really bad idea to put smartthings into the mix.

The forum has multiple threads about things like lightbulbs coming on randomly, garage doors opening randomly, routines running but an hour later than they were scheduled, etc. It happens.

The smartthings terms of use specifically tell you not to use smartthings to control heavy equipment or anything that might be dangerous if it started or stopped unexpectedly.


In no case should SmartThings be used to control any devices that are explicitly marked with safety warnings or hazard warnings. For example, don’t install SmartThings to control your circular saw.

Speaking for myself, I don’t connect anything to smartthings that would be unsafe if it ran for 24 hours unattended.

And then there’s the fact that it’s illegal in a number of jurisdictions:

In certain jurisdictions it is illegal to leave your engine running while unattended. This is true in some US states including Pennysylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, and South Carolina, and in the UK at least.

So, your car insurance may not apply if you have hacked the car in anyway that violates its warranty, which most non-authorized remote starts do.

So again, I understand the coolness factor, but I personally wouldn’t do it.


my remote start runs for 10 minutes then shuts down.

if the routine randomly runs once, you lose ten minutes of idling VS ease of starting. Totally worth it.

well i guess that settles it