2-wire (no neutral) Zigbee Smart Switch

I’ve been developing a 2-wire (no neutral) Zigbee Smart Switch for the UK & EU market and have just completed my latest prototype…currently working out how to integrate with SmartThings.

I’m planning a Kickstarter campaign in a month or two to pay for manufacturing & certification costs but before I did that I thought I’d share some images.

Do you have thoughts on the design? or even the device itself? or can you lend advice on how best to integrate with SmartThings? I’m keen to get feedback so I can improve my product.



I think that a great idea, and I would be well up for supporting.

Have you thought about making the buttons a bit bigger. Thats a lot of real estate and very tiny buttons. Also have you considered a different material/feel on the button?

I am slightly old fashioned and would prefer tactile buttons like the lightwave range. There is nothing like those on the market for zWave. I would recommend filling that gap in the market.

There are definitely some Z wave devices with tactile buttons, but this particular thread is discussing zigbee.

To see all of the devices which have been certified for Z wave, just check the official Z wave alliance products site. Device descriptions will appear there as soon as the devices are certified, which may be some time before they are actually available for purchase.


The zigbee alliance also keeps a similar site, but for whatever reason, theirs is not kept as up-to-date.