2 Smart Plugs in One Outlet causing flickering?

I have 2 smart plugs plugged into 1 dual outlet. One of these controls a lamp. The other controls the wall wart for a tablet. I turn the tablet on when motion is detected in the room. Everything works ok.

But sometimes when the lamp is on and the tablet plug is tuned on the lamp will flicker. I can’t seem to find a reason for this and was wondering since the 2 plugs are right next to each other if there could be some interference? It doesn’t happen all the time, but often enuf to make me wonder.

What kind of bulb do you have in the lamp? How long does the flicker last?

It’s a standard LED bulb. The only reason I even suspect the interference, is it seems to happen when the other smart plug turns on. It is a very brief flicker, less than a second. Not really a problem, just becoming a curriosity.

I have ordered an Inovelli dual plug unit. When I get that I will replace the other 2 and see if that makes any difference. If not, then I know it’s not the smart plugs.

Just remembered I didn’t come back here and post an update.

Once I replaced the 2 smartplugs with 1 double I have not had any more issues. So definitely believe there is some interference when 2 plugs in one outlet.