2 phase 220V air compressor--any ST-compatible options?

i keep forgetting to manually turn off my lights and air compressor when i go home. the garage is a ways down the hill from the house. sometimes i come up for a break or to eat but don’t make it back down there. i set up a range extender and directional antennas between it and the router. i put a smart switch for the lights, but i cant find one that will work for the air compressor. it uses a 30A plug with 3 prongs 120/120/ground. there are tons of smart switches for a dime a dozzen i could hide inside the breaker box, but i have yet to see any that will handle 2 phase. a microcontroller could just as easily flip two optocouplers as one… so what gives

GE/Jasco makes this:

Search this forum for “pool equipment” or “pool pump” and you will find many threads on discussing 240v switches, similar wiring as your compressor.

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Another heavy duty switch:

Aeotec heavy duty switch 40A


Z-wave, check for the proper frequency.