2 of 3 Hue lights randomly off and unresponsive

I have three lights in my dining room. Two will randomly turn off, and they always turn off together. When they have turned off they are unresponsive to controllers, and must be hard cycled in order to regain control. Lights are controlled with V2 Hub and Hue Bridge.

Model: LTW004
Stays on

Model: LTW015
SW: 1.29.0_r21169
Randomly turns off

Model: LTW015
SW: 1.29.0_r21169
Randomly turns off

Note: I have multiple other LTW015’s without this problem. It is only these two lights.

SmartThings Hub
FW: 000.020.00017

Hue Bridge
Model: BSB002
Version: 1802201122

You may want to try rebooting your ST hub, Hue bridge and your wireless router. If that does not resolve the issue, check what the zigbee channels are set to. :slight_smile:

When the problem occurs, you can go into light setup in the hue app and see if it shows the lights as unreachable (and if you can control then from the app). I had similar issues with some of my lights, but it is mostly resolved now with the recent firmware updates.

Some things to try:

Make sure wifi router/bridge is at least 2-3 meters away from hue bridge.

Check channel of hue bridge and make sure it as far away as you can from wifi (2.4ghz) channel (check docs our find reference for this, as the channel numbers are not aligned) to avoid interference. ST zigbee channel could also interfer if you have a lot of zigbee traffic.

Force lights to go into zigbee panic by unplugging hue bridge for 20-30 minutes. This should cause the lights to rebuild routing tables.

Tony and JKP,

Changing the Zigbee channel did it! When I looked at wifi in my area I found that Hue was on the channel that my wifi and 8 others on it. Joy’s of living in an area where wifi sniffing with my phone (one of the worst antennas) found 37 different wifi SSIDs!


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