2 Linear Garage Door Devices Sync with same Lift Sensor ... ugh

Hey all, I’m waiting to speak with the manufacturer when they open for business on Monday but wondering if anyone has resolved my issue. Basically I have three garage doors all using the same model of lift. I ordered the first linear device and it went in easily. The second did as well, both working great for a number of months. Impressed with how well they worked, I ordered and installed a third. Unfortunately the third seems to have synchronized with the lift sensor of the second vs the one that came in the box. I’ve tried deleting the device handler, reinstalling but there doesn’t seem to help, the unit only sees the lift sensor of the second door. Is there a way to reset the device or does the product only work with two doors? As always, thanks in advance for comments and insights.

Hold down the button on the linear unit for about 7 seconds then you should hear a beep. Wait for one more beep then open/close the garage door.