2 hubs, 1 location - shows 2nd hub only

today i added a second hub to 1 location and only the second hub showed. all devices from the first hub still showed. when i went to add a device the 2nd hub led started blinking. from the hamburger menu on the top left side i did not see how to toggle between the 2 hubs.

so, does this mean if you want 2 hubs at one location, you will have to setup a nearby second location and add the second hub to that second location?

Are both hubs in Rooms?

When it is working correctly you get prompted for which hub to use whenever you put the hub into discovery mode.

I have two hubs in one location. Apart from one being stuck on old firmware, which is just coincidence, they work fine in everyday use. I believe there are some relatively obscure issues that can happen. For example apps that use hub actions can’t specify which hub is used or something like that.

they were in the same room on the new app. i was using the old app when i tried to add a device and the new hub led was blinking. later today i will add the 2nd hub again with the new app and see what it does.

@orangebucket okay so i got the new hub added again. when adding a device at what point does it ask which hub?

If you use ‘Scan nearby’ the first thing it does is put up a ‘Select hub’ button.

When installing a device by brand you’ll select the device type and then you’ll get prompted for the hub and room you want to install to. Not sure how much variation there is in that process.

yup, i did see when i add a device it asks for which hub and which room on the same page.

also, when i have more then 1 hub on the same account it breaks the classic app in that it says hub (original) offline and there is no way to toggle hubs, but the devices still work.