2 gang zigbee switch default status settings after power resume?

Hi, I added avatto 2 gang zigbee switch to smarthings as multiswitch device handler without any problem. How can I setup default status of this device after power failure and resume ? Maybe any other device handler with this settings? . Because tuya hub have this feature for this device… thank you…

Default status after power restore is best handled by the device itself. Check the documentation for your devices for a persistent setting.

You are right. This device has local memory for this. Tuya Hub with tuya app can write this default value to this device. So any smartthings device handler code can do same thing to the device… I am looking this ide code part…

You can configure it with the Tuya app and then pair device to smartthings and it may keep those settings.
With some zigbee switch devices it has worked for me.

I will try…
Thank you

I tried.
1- Deleted from smartthings hub
2- Searched and added to tuya hub
3-Made necessary parameter settings, default state off and switch type.
4-Without removing from tuya hub I press the pair button on the switch to change the state for pairing (I thought, if I delete it can return to factory settings)
5-Searched on smartthings hub, added as thing and changed device type as zigbee multiswitch.
6-YES… it worked as you said… after power failure my zigbee switch status is always off. Vollaaaa…