2 Galaxy S10 Phones Not Acting as presence Sensors Lately (Feb 2022)

My wife and I have 2 Galaxy S10 phones that have been acting as presence sensors and activating ST routines and subsequently Alexa Guard but recently they have quit working as presence sensors. We haven’t changed anything but now when we are both away from home, routines don’t get triggered. I’ve gone into IDE and looked at the events under those 2 devices and they show no events for wifes phone and 3 for mine but not today when we were both gone far away from home for over an hour. Can someone direct me how to diagnose the problem and fix? Thanks. Mike in Ocala

This was a presence issue reported with the recent app update, have you had a chance to look at that thread? The discussion starts a few posts in as people began observing the problem.

SmartThings Android app / (Feb 2022)

No, I’ll try to find thread. thanks

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I already posted the link above. Just tap it.