2 faceplates 1 device

(Michael Langkilde) #1

Is there a way to have two objects that essentially look at one physical device. i.e. Fibaro RGBW. I want to control the lights like I do but then there are 4 inputs on the device that I would rather have show up as a different object to display the information. Or like the Fibaro UBS has two inputs and two outputs have have that split up as two objects? Or the Mimo. Instead of having all the data the physical device offers on once faceplate, have the ability to split it up if I wanted.

(Duncan) #2

We’re planning to let devices create “child devices” like SmartApps can, but it isn’t implemented yet.

You should be able to fake it with a custom SmartApp, though:

  1. Make a SmartApp that takes the RGBW as an input and subscribes to the input events.
  2. Make a “Fibaro Analog Input” custom device type with methods that send events for the input values
  3. From the SmartApp, call createChildDevice to make the “Fibaro Analog Input” device and when you get events to the subscription handler, redirect them to the child device by calling those methods.