2 condition matched before run routine

(Ronnarong Wongmalasit) #1


I am new here just finished setup my ST V2.
I have question regarding automatic run routine when 2 condition is met.

For example, I want my light to turn on when someone arrived home AND front door is open.
In the mobile app it will run routine of one of condition met but not both together.

Can anyone help me on this?


(Chris Means) #2

I’d recommend the “Rule Machine” SmartApp, it’s perfect for what you want to do…just lots and lots of options.

The creator pulled it recently due to the recent hub/stability problems and support, I’m not sure if it’s available again or not.

(Ronnarong Wongmalasit) #3

Thanks, I went to that topic and it is too late for me.
Hope it getting back soon.


What operating system does your phone use?

(Ronnarong Wongmalasit) #5

It is Android MM