18v LED controller for homestarry copper lights


I bought this light set for my deck: http://www.homestarry.com/product/277507578. I plan to set them up like a canopy over the deck It came with a remote and ir recever built into the wire between the plug and lights after the power supply that is listed as 18v. The lights are just warm lights, no color and need to be able to dim them because at 100% they are way too bright for what I want, otherwise, i would just cut out the IR receiver and just wire directly to the 18v “wall wart” and plug into a smart recepticle. I’m looking for a smart controller that will allow me to smoothly dim these. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

(Robin) #2

The Fibaro RGBW module can switch and dim up to 4 independent sets of white lights, one set of lights per RGBW channel.

It operates on a supply between 12-24v and so exactly what you need.


They are a bit pricey. Although you are correct, they Fibaro does exactly what I’m looking for it to do. Any other cheaper ideas or is that pretty much the only option?

(Robin) #4

There’s the mimolite but it has a max of 16v… can’t think of anything else :frowning: