17 year old can no longer launch android app as he's under 18

A couple of days ago with an app update my son’s smartthings app stopped working telling him “if your under 18 you can only use smartthings with a child account that was created under family group on a Samsung account”. He is a member of my smartthings home with full permissions and up to a couple of days ago has never had an issue. I don’t even know how to create a “Family group” as the links refer to a “family” tab on my account which I don’t have. Any help appreciated.

I use iOS so I probably will not be the best person to assist. I posted some articles above. I am wondering if you are to use your Samsung account @ https://account.samsung.com.

If these articles don’t help, reach out to SmartThings Support.

Is there a way to allow a under 18 year use smartthings without making a new account or family account?
My 17 daughter has been looked out of smartthings app with this issue, her date of birth has already been enter at one time, no idea when and i can’t edit it to make her 18 as its greyed out.
Seems pretty silly under 18’s can’t use the app what so ever

Odd, I have no trouble editing the date of birth on the account of an under 18. It was also being used with SmartThings without issue until a few months back. It didn’t stop working, it just wasn’t required any more.

From what I can tell this ‘Family Group’ thing that was mentioned in an older post seems to be a feature of new high end Galaxy phones. There isn’t a sniff of it on any Galaxy device I have or in my Samsung account online.

I managed to change her birth year via the web
You go into account.samsung.com and it shows the new date, going into samsung account via Android setting also shows the edited date, but still can’t get into smartthings, same under 18 block.
Even restarted her phone incase it was holding onto the data somehow. Nope…

It’s a S21FE phone as well…