17 Amcrest IP cams w NVR to Blue Iris and S.T

I need to ask if anyone using B.Iris has run approx. 16 cams on that software? About 5 yrs ago I read that B.Iris hogs CPU resources and I was afraid with me having 17 cameras, it wouldn’t function smoothly… Any thoughts on this? I currently have Amcrest cams and their NVR… but Amcrest doesn’t integrate at all with S.T. devices I understand B.I. does have several S.T. options thus why I’d like set up my camera(s) alarm triggers in B.I. to trigger S.T. devices like Siren or floodlights (controlled by S.T.) I’ve not figured any S.T. option to connect directly to my NVR’s alarm outputs to trigger S.T. devices… So I’m trying to see if I can do this via Blue Iris. Thanks for suggestions.

Check out ipcamtalk. Mine of helpful info =)

There are so many factors so to say 17 is a lot is difficult to answer. Your hardware makes a huge difference. The camera settings make a difference. Your recording habits make a difference.

I run only 4 cams on a 10 year old PC with an Intel i5 chip, maybe it’s i3. My PC struggles with Windows 10 updates, so I’ve broken, removed, or scripted out the ability for it to update. I have security software in place. So only BI and security ever run unless I manually run something else. I use, on average, 45% of my system. I have my cams set to about 15-25MP each but only record on motion.
A newer PC or server should handle 17 with ease. Definitely check out the BI forums for more info.