14 Aug 2021: Radio Shack Flash Sale

RadioShack has a 12 hour 50% off flash sale today on a weird assortment of items, but it does include CR 123 A batteries at a very good price. Also lightning cables, a power brick, 3 different soldering irons, and a couple of other things. Oh, and a retro design cassette player, one of those ones you carry around by the handle, but that does have USB in for recording. Like I said, a weird assortment. :thinking:

This is the “new“ RadioShack, basically an online warehouse operation. Their list prices tend to be noticeably higher than other outlets, but at 50% off, it’s a decent sale.

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I miss the old classic Radio Shack days!


free battery a month card! some people had 20 cards.

btw i have 2 or 3 of those old recorders in a box somewhere.

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Good deal on those CR123A 12 packs.


Wow, I had no idea Radio Shack was still alive!

The RadioShack name is now owned by different companies in different countries.

In the US, the name and all the remaining assets were sold in late 2020 to the same company that previously bought Pier One, which now operates only online, so the expectation is that RadioShack in the US will probably do the same thing, although time will tell.

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