12v dc switch?

In my boat I have installed a Smartthings hub and included various sensors and cameras. I would also like to control some of the power switches but the problem is that they are all 12v DC
To power the hub i use power from shore or a 12v - 220v converter if power from shore is not available.
Does anyone know if there are any switches that will work on 12v DC

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Fibaro RGBW Controller, Mimolite, or the Qubino would work.

These are all available on both the US and the UK Z wave frequency, so make sure you get the one that matches your hub. :sunglasses:

Shop around as prices will vary on both.

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Although the dry contact relays of Fibaro can switch any input voltage, the switching side of the relay requires 120/220V to operate. Don’t think it is practical to use an inverter just to switch the relays? Also note that you have to get the initial version of the Fibaro relays. The current switches are not dry contact switches.

The RGBW controller is different from the Fibaro switch. It is intended for control of LED strips and is designed to be powered by 12 V DC, the same power that is operating the strips.

See the manual:


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Never realised they RGBW Controller can be used - thanks for the info.

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Hi @JDRoberts, would you mind taking a peek at this posting and share your thoughts regarding my intended application of this controller, please? FIBARO RGBW controller.

Thank you!