12/01/16 Firmware Update

Same here. I have GE Bulbs that aren’t working correctly (but that could be the bulbs) and a multi-purpose sensor stuck open. It still reports temps though…

I thought it was me, but now I have submitted a ticket as well.

Same here. I’ve seen this in the past when motion sensors have died. Temp reports still flow through, but motion triggers stop.

Since the last update none of my GE Link bulbs are responding. I cannot re-add them either. About 11 of them. All my switches and plugs all work fine still. Any one else having this issue?

You are unfortunately not alone. :disappointed_relieved: Make sure you report it to support. This was added to the bugs: first reports page in the community – created wiki two days ago.


See the existing active discussion:

Only some of mine stopped working. I have 2 inside and 2 outside. The outside are still working for some reason. Haven’t bothered trying to reset them yet

I was having problems with ge link and hue. Then i opend the hue app and it said there was an update needed. After the hue hub updated things started working again.
Weird but maybe there is some conflict with the hue hub causing the problems.