10sec video clips aren’t getting uploaded

I use v2 ST hub and i m on basic package. 10sec Video from ST cam isn’t getting uploaded to the server. Plz help me in connecting this. Thank you

What’s your network setup like? I’m guessing a port or something is getting blocked.

Connected through RJ45 cable to a broadband router.

Also i m getting only notifications on the screen when an intrusion occurs. I need to change the settings to detect only when “person detected”. But i dont see this in settings anywhere. Can u help me with this as well?

Hey it’s working fine now. Thank u

Hey 10% of videos are getting uploaded and 90% are not getting uploaded. Clips are not getting saved at all. I need the clip to generate only when a person walks by and few of the clips i see there are clips where there is no person movement and only for sound detection clips are getting generated. Is there an option for video recording “only when a person arrives”

The FAQ on the support site has instructions to set it up for person only