10mm 5050 Connectors

So when using the non soldiering connectors for corners connection, etc…for led rgbw strip lights, thebord/cable for the connectors are asymmetrical, correct? I mean, some are labeled +, R, G, B while others can be +, G, R, B. That said, as long as the strip on each side of the connectors is the same ( + to + or B to B), it should be fine, correct?

That is correct, they will still work.

Thanks, thought so.

That said, it the connections look good and coincide with one another on each side of a connector, what can cause issue with the color from one piece of LED strip to another to be different?

Cross wires.
Maybe using different brands of led strips on each section ?
The RGB aren’t always in the same location from 1 brand to another.