1000lm remote combo firmware update?

Hey guys!

So I just got back from ikea picking up a few more of the 1000lm bulb and remote they currently have on sale for 9€.

I found an interesting piece of information that I thought worth sharing.

So I already have in my house 3 of these bulbs purchased about 2 weeks ago when I started my smartthings adventure. When I connected these bulbs to my smartthings hub they were only recognized as a “thing” and I would manually have to change the DH to “ZLL white colour temperature bulb”.

With these new bulbs I picked up today, to my surprise 2 out of 3 of the bulb got automatically detected as “IKEA TRÅDFRI bulb” and DH automatically set to “ZLL Dimmer bulb”. And 1 out of 3 did the same as the first 3 I purchased and was only recognised as a “thing”.

I noticed on the box that the 2 that auto detected as IKEA bulbs are marked with a stamp by the barcode reading “1909” and the 1 that didn’t has “1647”

Possible firmware update in a newer batch ? Also seems less lag with the 2 that auto detected.

Still can’t get the little twisty remotes to connect.