100 Device Limit (Issue)

Has anyone found a workout for the 100 device list limit? All I can see under my smart apps are the first 100 devices everything after that I cannot see.

@jody.albritton mentioned on the dev slack channel that ST is currently looking into it. I don’t think there’s currently a workaround

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If your smart app happens to use oauth and has a web interface (such as amazon echo or IFTTT) you can get around it that way, but that is a small subset

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This is a little disconcerting. I laughed at the people over a year ago who said they had this many devices :smile: Now, with my DSC alarm integrated I have 93 and growing!


What happens at the “100 device limit”? Is it just an app limitation? Hub limitation?

I haven’t experienced it, but if you are in a smartapp preference screen selecting devices from the mobile app, the device picker will be limited to the 1st 100.

I reached over 100 switches this week and have encountered this problem. It’s an absolute nightmare as now some of my switches are in limbo in that they cannot be authorized/deauthorized/used in smartapps nor deleted from the hub, meaning I can never ever make a rule for them until it is fixed.

I’ve raised a ticket to support and am awaiting a response.

the workaround is to modify the smart app to have classes of devices ie switches, doors locks etc… I think then it is ok

Best of luck to you all :slight_smile: I’m at 88 devices so I’m glad i’m not expanding.

You might not see a fix for this for months

Ah I’m at 109 :worried: Looking at my list I have a dozen or so simulated switches I could kill but that won’t leave me much margin.

The ones that drop off are they the newest, oldest or randomly selected as that could make a big difference. especially as I have a plan for another 4-5 devices

I am far beyond 100 and I know many others are too. Is this a new standard? @Mike_Maxwell, @bravenel, @johnconstantelo do you guys know anything about this?

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It’s a limit on how many can be selected for a single input, or something like that. That would be bad anyway, 'cause the app would timeout

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Oh yeah, that makes sense why I never came across this limit in a year…

I’m not sure if it means that at most 100 devices can be offered, or 100 selected.

Actually, this is very bad. I just hit it. I noticed devices missing from input selections, and this is why. “capability.switch” is terribly overloaded. There are exactly 100 choices, but I have more than that. So I’m screwed.

Now I’ll have to come up with some messed up work around.

Is this new??? Seems like this just happened recently.

@slagle, What’s with this limit. Is it new? I’ve hit it and it’s devastating in its impact. I can’t configure many of my devices in SmartApps.

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No, this doesn’t work. The problem is with switch in particular. If you want to turn something on or off, those device types have capability.switch Nothing you can do about it, short of changing a bunch of device handlers, devices, smart apps, etc. Basically completely work around the ST system. No thanks.

@SBDOBRESCU, this is very bad. I have 250 devices on a single hub, and that has opened up a whole new set of problems that I’m currently working on with @slagle.

oh man, it’s been too quiet for me in the past few months aside from the usual hiccups, but this is big. And the thing is, I don’t even feel like discovering why many of my rules and Smart Lighting instances are not firing tonight.

I found some easy work-arounds for the limit.

The good news is that any automation you have that doesn’t need to be touched is unaffected. It’s only new and edited automations that are the issue.

For example, I have some ceiling fans, all with stable automations. So I just changed their device type to get rid of capability switch. All is good, fans still work, six less devices.

Etc etc. Plus, Jody says it’s on the list to be remedied. Lucky for me, I don’t really need to add any more devices. Things like Harmony activities all have switch, virtual switches, obviously, etc etc. Rule Machine does have private Boolean that can remove some virtual switches.

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Thanks for the info. This is going to have a big impact on using IFTTT as a lot of what I use in there generally needs a virtual switch. Lets hope as they nearly fixed the scheduling that they have some spare capacity to sort this.

At lest the issue is limited to 100 of 1 device capability rather than 100 of any type. That gives me a bit of breathing space