100+ Alerts for every sensor trigger

Below is what I wrote to tech support. Is anyone else having this problem?!?! I have to unplug my hub to open a draw with an open/close sensor. If I don’t my ST iOS apps go nuclear with alerts and then after a delay I get several hundred text messages. It basically is like a DoS attack on my iPhone and iPad.

“I have my Smart Hub “Arm” the house when I am away. Today while I was out for one hour, I got 112 text message alerts while I was gone that a multipurpose sensor was triggered. It is basically one of the open/close sensors from Samsung. The only person home was the dog. Even if someone had opened the nightstand draw that the sensor is on they definitely didn’t open it that many times. Plus, I live alone, so didn’t happen. And I have a traditional alarm system that I arm, so no visitors. I opened the draw last night 2 or 3 times. I wouldn’t care if this happened once or twice. But every time I open the draw, I get roughly 75-300 alerts over the following 24 hour period. I had to disable it. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn’t there be something in your system to limit emails/alerts to once every 5 mins or something?

tell your dog to stay out of the draw


I’m not sure how you have your alerts set up but if you are using a Custom alerts in Smart Home Monitor, there is an option to limit how often a sensor opening can send you an alert.

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