$10 Zigbee plugs


Securifi Peanut Plug $9.99
Works great with SmartThings (minus power reporting) and works as a Zigbee repeater. Amazing deal.

(Mike Thomas) #2

This prices is only available if you join Prime Fresh (granted you can probably cancel). I didn’t bother following through, but it might also be the case that you can only buy one at that price.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

Already being discussed over here

Not true. Prime fresh and Prime now are not even available in my area and I still show the $10 price with no restrictions on purchase or how many I can purchase.


Oops, didn’t see that thread. Before they became unavailable from Amazon directly I was able to buy a maximum of 6. Great deal just to strengthen your home’s Zigbee network, especially if you have a ton of Zigbee door/window sensors.
You didn’t need Fresh or Prime when they were in stock from Amazon.

(Mathew Shelby) #5

Out of stock at the $9.99 price