10% off Hue white at MeetHue.com until 10/11/16

Hue is having 10% off to introduce the new BR30 ,A19 & GU10 white ambiance bulbs


We invite you to experience Philips Hue White Ambiance bulbs with 10% off your order + free shipping! Use code Reward4Hue2016 at checkout for savings today!

_Offer valid from October 4-11, 2016 while supplies last. Qualifying products include Philips Hue White Ambiance extension bulbs (A19, BR30 and GU10). _

Just remember those are the $30 “Hue White Ambience,” not the $15 “Hue White.”

( and, yes, Hue is terrible at individual model names.)

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Yes the 3 choices are still $27 each after the discount .

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