$10 LIFX bulb or WeMo Outlet - 20% off select "smart" stuff

So if you own a Echo or Sonos One and haven’t used this promo yet there are a bunch of deals on stuff that works with Alexa. Here is the Amazon promo page with details:

LIFX mini A19 smart bulb = $10 (normally $25)
Ring 2 Doorbell = $112 (normally $140 - 20%)

I actually wanted a Ring Pro but its $250 - 20% which still leave it at $200 and I got mine for $160 from lowes so gonna wait to get another deal like that.

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Mine was supposed to have been “delivered” yesterday, I say supposed to have been because Amazon said it was given by hand to the resident… Except that not only:

  1. They definitely didn’t because it’s not in my hands
  2. They weren’t even at my house…

I think that some couriers lie about the delivery and then keep it for themselves. A similar thing happened to me once when they said that they delivered the package “over the fence” and there was definitely no package to be found. I prefer that they take a photo as proof of delivery although there are porch thieves to contend with as well.


Having video of FedEx truck just driving by without stopping or the driver throwing the box out the door of the truck does wonders when you call to complain.
Funny how when I sent them video of truck not stopping at my house when package was missing, within an hour truck was back & driver admitted he delivered it to a different house.

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Turns out they delivered it to the mailboxes but marked it as a hand delivery to the door…

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Thanks Allan! I snagged a $10 WeMo outlet. It works with Alexa and Homekit, so it will come in handy to be able to power-cycle my SmartThings Hub if it locks up.

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