1% brightness stopped working on some lights (Sept 2023)

In some of my lights, i noticed that 1% brightness stopped working. This always worked without a problem, but recently i noticed the automations that dims lights to 1% are no longer working.
This includes a generic led strip dimmer, and ikea or lidl(dont remember, have both) led bulbs, 6 pieces of them.
When i set them to 1%, nothing happens. Neither manually or in a routine. When i set them to 2% and in between 2 and 100%, they work fine.
I also have other branded bulbs and they still work to be set to 1%.

I am wondering if more people saw this weird behavior?

Yes. I have an “early morning” scene that sets a few lights in the great room to 1% so I can see to get my morning coffee without being blasted. All the lights are controlled by smart dimmers. I noticed a few mornings ago that most of them were coming on at 5%.

Weird, but not the same issue.
If i command thede affected lights to go to 1%, they simply stay at their current brightness. (Nothing happens)

Sounds like a classic off-by-one programming issue. :wink: