1.7.2 Android App just stopped working

I have been using this on my LGG3 since it was released…

Now when I hit the Things menu to see all the tiles, I get a crash.

Happens on my Xperia Z tablet as well.

The other menus appear to work fine.

This is new as of yesterday or today.

anybody else seen this?



A reboot oh my phone fixed the crash that started today.

I had the same issues, although not with a crash. I kept getting that “there is an unexpected error” and couldn’t reach any of my things. I went through and removed my custom nest protect device, my custom nest devices, and my custom zwave door lock device and then everything worked. I have seen some threads with specifics of what’s going on down in the actual device descriptions that’s causing the errors, but haven’t had any time to play with it. It’s a shame that a single change in their app/logic (in something that was previously working) completely blows up the app. Anyway, if you have any custom devices, I would suggest removing those.

Hopefully that helps!

This happened for me as well, it turned out to be two custom devices that was using “Newline” or “/n/” in groovy. Aparently that is at least part of the problem with the update. I have heard that the developers are working on the issue, however I have not seen much progress to resolving many of the Android issues that are complained about. Sad to see them take a step back on the android application