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Topic Replies Activity
New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform (using SmartThings v3 app) 233 December 13, 2019
Integrating WiFi Switches/Plugs that use the Tuya SmartLife App or eWeLink app
39 December 12, 2019
SPECIFIC differences between "SmartThings Classic" (the V2 app) and “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” (the V3 app)
130 December 11, 2019
Integrating Homekit with my full SmartThings setup? (2019) 13 December 5, 2019
FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?
37 December 4, 2019
FAQ: IFTTT not recognizing devices from second hub
7 December 4, 2019
How to: SmartThings_MyQ SmartApp using MyQ Sensors with IFTTT 16 November 29, 2019
Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices
213 November 27, 2019
FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have
1 April 6, 2019
[FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring
303 November 19, 2019
How to use a Lutron Pocketsocket as a proxy to make a Pico visible to ST (or HomeKit) without needing any other devices 11 November 18, 2019
FAQ: How Outlets behave after a Power Outage (Brand differences)
4 November 15, 2019
FAQ: Pairing Schlage Z-Wave Locks
17 November 15, 2019
FAQ: Do I need the Hue Bridge/Hub to Use a Hue Bulb with SmartThings?
10 November 14, 2019
FAQ: Creating a virtual Device 129 November 12, 2019
FAQ: Are Smart Bulbs Repeaters? (Updated Sept 2017: the new answer is yes, but may be inconsistent)
15 November 12, 2019
FAQ: Philips Hue and Other Smart Bulbs - What sort of light switches to use with them? (Long FAQ) 102 November 11, 2019
FAQ: Limits and Guardrails (max # of automations, devices, etc)
26 November 9, 2019
FAQ: Neutral and Ground Wires are not Interchangeable
58 November 4, 2019
FAQ: My lock/device does not pair or appears to pair but it won't show up in the mobile app or IDE - stale DTH
19 October 27, 2019
FAQ: Alexa Voice Commands to turn a ST routine/scene off? (SmartThings Classic)
11 October 24, 2019
FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers 179 October 20, 2019
FAQ: Wifi switches with full SmartThings integration? (2019)
6 October 17, 2019
FAQ: How to Trigger IFTTT Applets or Webcore Pistons with iOS 12’s New Shortcuts App and Siri
7 October 14, 2019
FAQ: Turn off Logitech Harmony Activity integration with routine and alexa?
14 October 10, 2019
FAQ: Double light switch in a single gang box--options? (2019)
36 January 9, 2019
FAQ: Hue accessory devices with smartthings? (2019)
3 September 26, 2019
FAQ: 2019 UL-Certified Garage Door Options
2 September 20, 2019
FAQ: Best/Most Stable door lock?
38 September 20, 2019
FAQ: Common issues encountered migrating from a SmartThings to Samsung account (or: "Help! My hub/devices have disappeared!")
32 September 18, 2019

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